SQL Server 2016 CU2 Release

Announcing SQL Server 2016 Cumulative Update 2.

A-one, and a-two – here’s Cumulative Update 2, or as they say in Mexico, DOS. The fix list is pretty long, and here’s some of the greatest hits:

  • DML statements unexpectedly replicated to subscribers
  • Query returns incorrect results from nonclustered columnstore index
  • Incorrect results are returned when query contains a GROUP BY
  • Standard Edition’s Analysis Services ignores the 16GB memory limit
  • Query Store returns unusual characters (like Erik Darling) when a JOIN operator is used
  • Retention policy doesn’t work when you use Managed Backup to Azure
  • Updating while compression is in progress can lead to nonclustered columnstore index corruption
  • Access violation occurs when you use TDE and BPE
  • Queries that run against Always On Availability Group secondaries always get recompiled
  • Memory leak occurs when you use Azure Storage
  • Access violation occurs when query contains many COUNT DISTINCT operations
  • Access violation occurs if trace flag 4139 is enabled
  • High CPU usage after you install SQL Server
  • SQL Server doesn’t start after you configure TempDB to use a very small log file
  • Access violation on secondary replica when there are too many parallel redo operations
  • Query runs slowly when SQL Server uses a hash aggregate in the plan

And many, many more. Go check it out.

Original news: https://sqlserverupdates.com/news/announcing-sql-server-2016-cumulative-update-2/

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