My journey into the world of relational databases began in 2008 and for the first 5 years I cooked in the boiler of Oracle technologies. Any problem and questions that arose had to be pulled out with fierce zeal from all the expanses of the Internet, these were hard times.

In 2012, I changed jobs and moved to the world of SQL Server. The transition was so good and the relationship within the community was so friendly and respectful that going back to Oracle seems like a nightmare. Thanks to people like Brent Ozar, Paul Randal, Paul White, Phil Factor, Itzik Ben-Gan, Solomon Rutzky, Erland Sommarskog and many others, I have discovered a universe in which sharing the accumulated knowledge is an honor and a tribute to respect for other people.

Standing on the shoulders of giants -- Bernard of Chartres

All these people motivated me to create a open source project sqlserver-kit that is designed to help all developers from the world of SQL and SQL Server.

On this path, the help of a person who has devoted most of his life to this occupation will simply be an invaluable gift. So when I saw Paul's post about him resuming his mentoring, I realized that this is my chance to better understand how to achieve my goals in life and perhaps become a happier and more aware person.